Much of the access to the Lily Pond at Mill Creek Park has been closed off for some time now while improvements were being made. The first phase of renovations is complete, and the pond opened to the public on Jan. 22, 2016. Needless to say, at the first sign of sunshine, we picked up our cameras and headed out.

And even in the relative gloom of winter, it’s impressive. There’s a new information kiosk, benches and a drinking fountain next to the parking lot, all of which are nice touches, but the decks are the main attraction. Just beyond the kiosk is a walkway to one deck, and two others have been placed at the other end (a hiking trail allows visitors to circumvent the entire pond). Given all the leftover snow and ice at our visit, we didn’t venture down the trail to see those decks up close and personal, but you can bet we’ll rectify that as soon as possible.

Also of note is another walkway and deck that overlooks the adjacent Frog Pond, where there’s always something interesting growing, floating or flying (well, except maybe in the coldest part of winter). As soon as we get a sunny day when the temperature is above freezing and the trail is clear, it’s a sure thing we’ll make the loop.

According to park officials, there’s more to come, including a floating boardwalk, spillway bridge and improvements to the trail. Our take? Bring ’em on!


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