Autumn weather is comfortably cool, and nobody does colors like Mother Nature. What better time, then, to visit this beautiful park?

I have to ‘fess up first, though, by saying we just didn’t make nearly as many trips here during the summer months as usual. To begin with, it rained something like 26 consecutive days in June. We did pop in maybe half a dozen times to check out the rose and dahlia gardens, but the bird population still hasn’t found the Lily Pond in any great numbers, and the rustic wood fence that took center stage in many of our photos has been removed, so this once-favorite stopping place has lost a lot of appeal. But this season is just too pleasant to miss – including the Lily Pond – and we wouldn’t miss it for the world.

So, just to catch the blog up a bit, here are some of my favorite photos taken in my favorite season at my favorite park.

First up is the Victorian Gazebo in Fellows Riverside Gardens, then a view of Lake Glacier from the gardens. The Lily Pond gave up some wonderful reflections, and Lake Newport and its wetlands are awash with brilliant color.


BlogPondReflections1   BlogNewport6



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